New York State Finance Law

Sec. § 111
Payment and Refund of State Moneys Except Upon Audit by Comptroller Prohibited

§ 111. Payment and refund of state moneys except upon audit by comptroller prohibited. No moneys of the state, including moneys collected in its behalf, and no moneys in the possession, custody or control of any officer, agent, or agency of the state in his or its representative capacity, and no moneys in or belonging to any fund or depositary, title to which is vested in the state, shall hereafter be paid, expended or refunded except upon audit by the comptroller. The comptroller is hereby charged with the duty of compelling observance of and compliance with the provisions of this section but any violation of this section may be restrained upon the suit of any taxpayer with the consent of the supreme court in appellate division on notice to the attorney-general.

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