New York State Finance Law

Sec. § 108
Application of Federal Moneys to Expense of the Audit and Disbursement Thereof

§ 108. Application of federal moneys to expense of the audit and disbursement thereof. Where a law of this state enacted or to be enacted to supplement or aid in effecting the purposes of an act of congress under which federal moneys are granted or allocated to this state or to an agency thereof provides, in terms or effect, that the commissioner or department of taxation and finance shall be the custodian and disbursing agency of such moneys and that they shall be paid out on the audit and warrant of the comptroller, and the cost of such additional service, within an amount stated, is made a lawful charge against such moneys so granted or allocated as part of the expense of administering such law and act of congress, by authorized action of state or federal authorities, the comptroller and such commissioner are hereby authorized to accept and expend such moneys, within the amount so stated, for employing any additional assistants and paying necessary expenses required for the performance of such added duties. The director of the budget shall allocate to the comptroller and the commissioner or department of taxation and finance, respectively, the moneys, if any, available for each; and so much thereof as may be used for additional personal service shall be paid in accordance with schedules approved by him.

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