N.Y. Penal Law Section 222.10
Restrictions on cannabis use

Unless otherwise authorized by law or regulation, no person shall:


smoke or vape cannabis in a location where smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited pursuant to article thirteen-E of the public health law; or


smoke, vape or ingest cannabis or concentrated cannabis in or upon the grounds of a school, as defined in subdivision ten of Education Law § 1125 (Definitions)section eleven hundred twenty-five of the education law or in or on a school bus, as defined in Vehicle & Traffic Law § 142 (School bus)section one hundred forty-two of the vehicle and traffic law; provided, however, provisions of this subdivision shall not apply to acts that are in compliance with article three of the cannabis law. Notwithstanding any other section of law, violations of restrictions on cannabis use are subject to a civil penalty not exceeding twenty-five dollars or an amount of community service not exceeding twenty hours.

Source: Section 222.10 — Restrictions on cannabis use, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/PEN/222.­10 (updated Apr. 2, 2021; accessed Jul. 13, 2024).

Jul. 13, 2024

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Apr. 2, 2021

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