N.Y. Not-for-Profit Corporation Law Section 1505
Special requirements of incorporation


Certificate of incorporation; additional contents. In addition to the requirements of section four hundred two (Certificate of incorporation; contents), the certificate of incorporation of a cemetery corporation shall be filed in the office of the clerk of each county in which any part of the cemetery is proposed to be, or is, situated, and shall state:


each city, village or town, and county, in which any part of the cemetery is or is proposed to be situated; and


the time of the annual meeting.


Cemetery board endorsement. Every certificate of incorporation of a cemetery corporation, except those within the exclusionary provisions of section fifteen hundred three, shall have endorsed thereon or annexed thereto the approval of the cemetery board as required in subdivision (e) of § 404 (Approvals, notices and consents)section four hundred four of this chapter.


Type of corporation. A cemetery corporation is a charitable corporation under this chapter.


Lot owners in unincorporated cemeteries may incorporate.


Not less than three owners of lots in an unincorporated cemetery may cause a notice to be posted in at least six conspicuous places in the city, town or village in which such cemetery is located, and to be published once in each week for three successive weeks in a newspaper, if any, published in such municipality, stating that at a time and place specified, a meeting of the lot owners will be held to determine whether such cemetery shall be incorporated, pursuant to this chapter.


The meeting shall be held at a convenient place in the city, town or village in which the cemetery is located, not less that twenty-five nor more than thirty days after the first posting and publication of the notice of the meeting. At such meeting every lot owner shall be entitled to one vote in person or by proxy for each lot owned by him. The persons entitled to vote at such meeting shall select a chairman and secretary, and determine by ballot whether or not the lot owners shall incorporate pursuant to this chapter.


If a majority of the ballots are in favor of incorporation, the persons entitled to vote at such meeting shall select three lot owners to incorporate and the provisions of this chapter shall be applicable, except that three persons may incorporate, and the corporation shall not be required to have more than three directors. Upon such incorporation, the lot owners shall be members of the corporation, and it shall be vested with the title to such cemetery and the personal property appertaining thereto. If the title to the cemetery has prior to such incorporation vested in the town, pursuant to Town Law § 291 (Burial grounds)section two hundred and ninety-one of the town law of section one of title seven of chapter eleven of part one of the revised statute, the supervisor of such town shall on request of the directors of such corporation, execute to it a deed of such cemetery lands releasing all interest of the town therein, and thereafter the title shall be vested in the corporation.

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