N.Y. Mental Hygiene Law Section 82.10
Form of agreement


A supported decision-making agreement may be in any form consistent with the requirements set forth in this article.


A supported decision-making agreement must:


be in writing;


be dated;


designate the decision-maker, and at least one supporter;


list the categories of decisions with which a supporter is authorized to assist the decision-maker;


list the kinds of support that each supporter may give for each area in which they are designated as a supporter;


contain an attestation that the supporters agree to honor the right of the decision-maker to make their own decisions in the ways and areas specified in the agreement, respect the decision-maker’s decisions, and, further, that they will not make decisions for the decision-maker;


state that the decision-maker may change, amend, or revoke the supported decision-making agreement at any time for any reason, subject to the requirements of section 82.06 of this article;


be signed by all designated supporters; and


be executed or endorsed by the decision-maker in the presence of at least two adult witnesses who are not also designated as supporters, or with the attestation of a notary public.


A supported decision-making agreement may:


appoint more than one supporter;


authorize a supporter to obtain personal information as described in subdivision (e) of section 82.05 of this article;


authorize a supporter to share information with any other supporter or others named in the agreement; or


detail any other limitations on the scope of a supporter’s role that the decision-maker deems important.


In order to be subject to the provisions of section 82.11 and subdivisions (b) through (d) of section 82.12 of this article, a supported decision-making agreement must also:


be signed by a facilitator or educator;


include a statement that the supported decision-making agreement was made in accordance with a recognized facilitation and/or education process; and


include an attached attestation by the decision-maker that a particular decision has been made in accordance with the support described in the supported decision-making agreement. * NB Effective 90 days from the date that the regulations issued in accordance with § 1 of chapter 481 of 2022 appear in the New York State Register or the date such regulations are adopted, whichever is later.

Source: Section 82.10 — Form of agreement, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/MHY/82.­10 (updated Jul. 29, 2022; accessed Jul. 20, 2024).

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