N.Y. Executive Law Section 532-C
Notice to parent

  • return of runaway youth to parent
  • alternative living arrangements


The staff of a residential runaway and homeless youth crisis services program shall, to the maximum extent possible, preferably within twenty-four hours but within no more than seventy-two hours following the youth’s admission into the program, notify such runaway youth’s parent, guardian or custodian of his or her physical and emotional condition, and the circumstances surrounding the runaway youth’s presence at the program, unless there are compelling circumstances why the parent, guardian or custodian should not be so notified. Where such circumstances exist, the program director or his or her designee shall either file an appropriate petition in the family court, refer the youth to the local social services district, or in instances where abuse or neglect is suspected, report such case pursuant to title six of article six of the social services law.


Where custody of the youth upon leaving the program is assumed by a relative or other person, other than the parent or guardian, the staff of the program shall so notify the parent or guardian as soon as practicable after the release of the youth. The officers, directors or employees of the program shall be immune from any civil or criminal liability for or arising out of the release of a runaway or homeless youth to a relative or other responsible person other than a parent or guardian.

Source: Section 532-C — Notice to parent; return of runaway youth to parent; alternative living arrangements, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/EXC/532-C (updated Jan. 5, 2018; accessed Dec. 9, 2023).

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