N.Y. Executive Law Section 513
Career education


Purpose. The purpose of this section is to provide for career education opportunities for youth in the division’s care as a part of general curricula and specialized programs to allow youth to gain actual business experiences relating to the production and marketing of products. The emphasis of business experiences provided to youth shall be on education and rehabilitation.


Career education program. The director may establish career education programs for residents of division facilities. These programs may include a comprehensive career education program within division facilities whereby eligible division youth participate in a special program designed to develop practical and theoretical understanding from the production through the marketing of goods. No youth may be employed by private persons or entities pursuant to this section.


Sale of products. The director of the division for youth or his designees are authorized to sell the products resulting from the career education of the residents of division facilities. The sale of such products shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the director of the division.


Career education; definition. For purposes of this section, career education is defined as any activity in the nature of vocational instruction, prescribed, guided or supervised for the purpose of contributing to the welfare or rehabilitation of residents of division facilities.


Sales to state agencies, political subdivisions and public benefit corporations. The director of the division for youth or his designee is authorized to enter into contracts with state agencies, political subdivisions and public benefit corporations for the sale of the products resulting from the vocational education of the residents provided that such products are not available to the purchasing entity under a centralized contract and the sale does not exceed monetary limits established by statute or by any such entity which would mandate competitive bidding for the purchase of such product.


Vocational education fund. A career education fund may be established for the receipt of proceeds from products sold, as authorized by subdivisions three and five of this section, incident to an avocational or career project.


Distribution of proceeds. Pursuant to rules, regulations, policies or procedures of the director of the division, moneys of the fund shall be disbursed as follows:


an amount equal to the proceeds from the sale of the product produced by one resident may be deposited to the account of such resident or paid directly to such resident; or


an amount equal to the proceeds from the sale of a product produced by two or more residents may be divided equally among such residents and deposited to their respective accounts or paid directly to them. In determining the amount of the proceeds from a sale of a product that may be deposited to the account of a resident, or paid directly to a resident, the director of the division for youth shall provide for a deduction from the sum of the proceeds of the reasonable expenses of the division for youth incident to the sale, including but not limited to, the value of materials and supplies for the production of the product supplied without financial charge to the resident and the expense of transporting the product for sale, display or otherwise. The amount deducted for such expenses shall be deposited in the career education fund and expended to pay for services and expenses of operating career education programs at division for youth facilities pursuant to this chapter.

Source: Section 513 — Career education, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/EXC/513 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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