N.Y. Education Law Section 5711
New York state college of veterinary medicine


The state veterinary college, established by chapter one hundred fifty-three of the laws of eighteen hundred ninety-four, shall hereafter be known as the New York state college of veterinary medicine at Cornell university, and shall continue to be under the supervision of the state university trustees. The object of said college of veterinary medicine shall be: To give instruction in the normal structure and function of the animal body, in the pathology, prevention and treatment of animal diseases, and in all matters pertaining to biomedical science as applied to animals and correlatively to the human family; and to conduct investigations as to the nature, prevention and cure of all diseases of animals, including such as are communicable to man and such as cause epizootics among animals; and to investigate the economic questions which will contribute to the more profitable breeding, rearing and utilization of animals.


All buildings, furniture, apparatus and other property heretofore or hereafter erected or furnished by the state for such college of veterinary medicine shall be and remain the property of the state. The Cornell university shall have the custody and control of said property, and, as the representative of the state university trustees, shall, with whatever state moneys may be received for the purpose, administer the said college of veterinary medicine as to the establishment of courses of study, the creation of departments and positions, the determination of the number and salaries of members of the faculty and other employees thereof, the appointment and employment thereof, the maintenance of discipline and as to all matters, pertaining to its educational policies, activities and operations, including research work.


The state university trustees shall maintain general supervision over the requests for appropriations, budgets, estimates and expenditures of such college. Cornell university shall receive no income, profit or compensation for the exercise and performance of the powers and duties conferred and imposed by this section, but all moneys received from state appropriations for the said college of veterinary medicine or derived from other sources in the course of the administration thereof, shall be kept by said university in a separate fund from the moneys of the university, and shall be used exclusively for said New York state college of veterinary medicine. Such moneys as may be appropriated to be paid to the Cornell university by the state in any year, to be expended by said university in the administration of said college of veterinary medicine, shall be payable to the treasurer of Cornell university in three equal payments to be made on the first day of October, the first day of January, and the first day of April in such year, and shall be expended upon vouchers approved by the chancellor of the state university, as the chief administrative officer of the state university, or by such authority or authorities in the state university as shall be designated by the chancellor by a rule or written direction filed with the comptroller, when and in the manner authorized by the state university trustees.


The said university shall expend such moneys and use such property of the state in administering said college of veterinary medicine, and shall submit to the state university trustees during the month of September in each year, a detailed statement of such expenditures and of the general operations of the said college of veterinary medicine.


The tuition fees charged to students shall be regulated by Cornell university after consultation with the state university trustees and all other fees and charges in said college of veterinary medicine shall be fixed by Cornell university, and the moneys so received shall be expended for the current expenses of the said college of veterinary medicine.

Source: Section 5711 — New York state college of veterinary medicine, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/EDN/5711 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Jun. 22, 2024).

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