N.Y. Criminal Procedure Law Section 190.70
Grand jury

  • direction to file prosecutor’s information and related matters


Except in a case submitted to it pursuant to the provisions of section 170.25, a grand jury may direct the district attorney to file in a local criminal court a prosecutor’s information charging a person with an offense other than a felony when (a) the evidence before it is legally sufficient to establish that such person committed such offense, and


competent and admissible evidence before it provides reasonable cause to believe that such person committed such offense. In such case, the grand jury must, through its foreman or acting foreman, file such direction with the court by which it was impaneled.


Such direction must be signed by the foreman or acting foreman. It must contain a plain and concise statement of the conduct constituting the offense to be charged, equivalent in content and precision to the factual statement required to be contained in an indictment pursuant to subdivision seven of section 200.50. Subject to the rules prescribed in sections 200.20 and 200.40 governing joinder in a single indictment of multiple offenses and multiple defendants, such grand jury direction may, where appropriate, specify multiple offenses of less than felony grade and multiple defendants, and may direct that the prospective prosecutor’s information charge a single defendant with multiple offenses, or multiple defendants jointly with either a single offense or multiple offenses.


Upon the filing of such grand jury direction, the court must, unless such direction is insufficient on its face, issue an order approving such direction and ordering the district attorney to file such a prosecutor’s information in a designated local criminal court having trial jurisdiction of the offense or offenses in question.

Source: Section 190.70 — Grand jury; direction to file prosecutor's information and related matters, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/CPL/190.­70 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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