New York County Law
Sec. § 675
Advice, Consultation, Assistance, Examinations, Analyses and Reports

675. Advice, consultation, assistance, examinations, analyses and reports.


A coroner, coroners physician or medical examiner shall have authority when necessary in his opinion to consult with and to request advice, consultation or other assistance from any officer of a department of the state government, from any medical examiner of any city or county, from any other coroner or coroners physician of any county, or from the head of any public health laboratory, police laboratory or state or municipal laboratory or from any member of the staff of such laboratory designated for such purpose by the head thereof, or from any physician qualified to make postmortem examinations and to testify thereon; and to request from any such person such tests, examinations or analyses and reports with respect thereto as are necessary in his opinion, with respect to the body of the deceased or any part thereof or with respect to any other matter related to his investigation.


Subdivision one of this section does not empower a coroner, coroners physician or medical examiner to incur charges against county funds except as authorized by the board of supervisors.
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