N.Y. Cannabis Law Section 82
Laboratory testing


Every processor of adult-use cannabis shall contract with an independent laboratory permitted pursuant to § 129 (Laboratory testing permits)section one hundred twenty-nine of this chapter, to test the cannabis products it produces pursuant to rules and regulations prescribed by the office. The board may assign an approved testing laboratory, which the processor of adult-use cannabis must use, and may establish consortia with neighboring states, to inform best practices, and share laboratory data.


Adult-use cannabis processors, microbusinesses, cooperatives and registered organizations shall make laboratory test reports available to licensed distributors, retail dispensaries, and on-site consumption sites for all cannabis products manufactured by the processor or licensee.


Licensed retail dispensaries shall maintain accurate documentation of laboratory test reports for each cannabis product offered for sale to cannabis consumers. Such documentation shall be made publicly available by the licensed retail dispensary.


Onsite laboratory testing by licensees is permissible subject to regulation; however, such testing shall not be certified by the board and does not exempt the licensee from the requirements of quality assurance testing at a testing laboratory pursuant to this section.


An owner of a cannabis laboratory testing permit shall not hold a license, or interest in a license, in any other category within this article and shall not own or have ownership interest in a registered organization registered pursuant to article three of this chapter or a cannabinoid hemp processor license pursuant to article 5 (Cannabinoid Hemp and Hemp Extract)article five of this chapter.


The board shall have the authority to require any licensee under this article to submit cannabis or cannabis products to one or more independent laboratories for testing and the board may promulgate regulations related to all aspects of third-party testing and quality assurance including but not limited to:


minimum testing and sampling requirements;


testing and sampling methodologies;


testing reporting requirements;


retesting; and


product quarantine, hold, recall, and remediation.

Source: Section 82 — Laboratory testing, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/CAN/82 (updated Apr. 9, 2021; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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