N.Y. Banking Law Section 716
Grounds for suspension or revocation of license


After notice and hearing, the superintendent may revoke or suspend any license to engage in the business of a student loan servicer issued pursuant to this article if he or she shall find that:


a servicer has violated any provision of this article, any rule or regulation promulgated by the superintendent under and within the authority of this article, or any other applicable law;


any fact or condition exists which, if it had existed at the time of the original application for such license, would have warranted the superintendent refusing originally to issue such license;


a servicer does not cooperate with an examination or investigation by the superintendent;


a servicer engages in fraud, intentional misrepresentation, or gross negligence in servicing a student loan;


the competence, experience, character, or general fitness of the servicer, an individual controlling, directly or indirectly, ten percent or more of the outstanding interests, or any person responsible for servicing a student loan for the servicer indicates that it is not in the public interest to permit the servicer to continue servicing student loans;


the servicer engages in an unsafe or unsound practice;


the servicer is insolvent, suspends payment of its obligations, or makes a general assignment for the benefit of its creditors; or


a servicer has violated the laws of this state, any other state or any federal law involving fraudulent or dishonest dealing, or a final judgement has been entered against a student loan servicer in a civil action upon grounds of fraud, misrepresentation or deceit.


The superintendent may, on good cause shown, or where there is a substantial risk of public harm, suspend any license for a period not exceeding thirty days, pending investigation. “Good cause”, as used in this subdivision, shall exist when a student loan servicer has defaulted or is likely to default in performing its financial engagements or engages in dishonest or inequitable practices which may cause substantial harm to the persons afforded the protection of this article.


Except as provided in subdivision two of this section, no license shall be revoked or suspended except after notice and hearing thereon. Any order of suspension issued after notice and a hearing may include as a condition of reinstatement that the student loan servicer make restitution to consumers of fees or other charges which have been improperly charged or collected, including but not limited to by allocating payments contrary to a borrower’s direction or in a manner that fails to help a borrower avoid default, as determined by the superintendent. Any hearing held pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be noticed, conducted and administered in compliance with the state administrative procedure act.


Any student loan servicer may surrender any license by delivering to the superintendent written notice that it thereby surrenders such license, but such surrender shall not affect such servicer’s civil or criminal liability for acts committed prior to such surrender. If such surrender is made after the issuance by the superintendent of a statement of charges and notice of hearing, the superintendent may proceed against the servicer as if such surrender had not taken place.


No revocation, suspension, or surrender of any license shall impair or affect the obligation of any pre-existing lawful contract between the student loan servicer and any person, including the department of financial services.


Every license issued pursuant to this article shall remain in force and effect until the same shall have been surrendered, revoked or suspended in accordance with any other provisions of this article.


Whenever the superintendent shall revoke or suspend a license issued pursuant to this article, he or she shall forthwith execute in duplicate a written order to that effect. The superintendent shall file one copy of such order in the office of the department and shall forthwith serve the other copy upon the student loan servicer. Any such order may be reviewed in the manner provided by article seventy-eight of the civil practice law and rules.

Source: Section 716 — Grounds for suspension or revocation of license, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/BNK/716 (updated Oct. 11, 2019; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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