New York Banking Law

Sec. § 193
Limitation Upon Business Which May Be Transacted at Public Accommodation Office

§ 193. Limitation upon business which may be transacted at public accommodation office. No business other than that actually and necessarily involved in connection with the performance of one or more of the functions enumerated in this section shall be transacted at any public accommodation office:


the receipt of deposits of money, currency, checks and other similar items;


the payment of withdrawals;


the cashing of checks, drafts and other similar items;


the receipt of moneys due to the banking institution;


the issuance of cashier’s checks, treasurer’s checks, money orders and other similar items; and


the disbursement of funds pursuant to an existing loan agreement or extension of credit which provides for advances to or for the account of the borrower, by means of honoring one or more checks or other written orders or by use of a credit card or other similar arrangement. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to authorize the performance of any function or the rendition of any service in any public accommodation office which such banking institution is not otherwise authorized to engage in by other provisions of this chapter or other law.

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