New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Sec. § 99-H
Sunday On-premises Sales Permit


A permit issued under this section shall authorize a person licensed to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises pursuant to this chapter to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption on Sunday between the hours of eight o’clock a.m. and ten o’clock a.m.


A permit under this section shall be issued for one calendar day.


The fee for such a permit shall be twenty-five dollars, together with a filing fee of ten dollars.


An applicant for a permit under this section shall provide notice to the local municipality of such application as provided in section one hundred ten-b of this chapter.


No more than twelve permits under this section may be issued to the same licensee in any calendar year.


A permit under this section shall not be available for any licensed premises located in a city with a population of one million or more.


Such permit and the exercise of the privileges granted thereunder shall be subject to such rules that the authority may deem necessary.

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