New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Sec. § 55-A
License to Sell Beer at Retail, in Certain Counties, for Consumption at Baseball Parks, Race Tracks and Outdoor Athletic Fields and Stadi...

§ 55-a. License to sell beer at retail, in certain counties, for consumption at baseball parks, race tracks and outdoor athletic fields and stadia where admission fees are charged, in operation for certain periods of the year.


Any person may make an application to the appropriate board for a license to sell beer to be consumed at baseball parks, race tracks, and other athletic fields and stadia where admission fees are charged, other than such parks, fields and stadia as are operated and maintained by educational institutions, to be consumed on the premises. Such application shall be in writing and verified and shall contain such information as the liquor authority shall require. Such application shall be accompanied by a check or draft for the amount required by this article for such license. All of the provisions contained in subdivisions two and three of section fifty-four shall apply to the procedure relative to an application for a license under this section.


Such a license shall contain a description of the licensed premises and in form and substance shall be a license to the person therein specifically designated to sell beer on the premises therein specifically licensed, at retail, to be consumed upon such premises.

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