New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 36-A
Petition for Revocation or Modification of Rule or Order of the Commissioner

§ 36-a. Petition for revocation or modification of rule or order of the commissioner. Any person subject to a rule or order of the commissioner, promulgated under the provisions of article four, article four-a, or article twenty-one of this chapter, may file a written petition with the commissioner stating that any such rule or order or provision thereof or any obligation imposed in connection therewith is not in accordance with law and praying for the revocation or modification thereof. He shall thereupon be given an opportunity for a hearing and ruling upon such petition in accordance with the provisions of subdivision five of section thirty-six of this article. The decision of the commissioner shall be final unless within thirty days after its issuance one of the parties shall institute a proceeding for the review thereof, as provided in the next section, provided further that the pendency of any such proceeding shall not impede or prevent the commissioner from taking any action authorized under section thirty-five of this article.

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