New York Vehicle & Traffic Law

Sec. § 509-M
Duties of the Department

The department of motor vehicles shall:


At least once every three years, review the bus driver files of each motor carrier, provided, however, that the commissioner may review such bus driver files at his discretion at any other time during regular business hours.


Establish regulations and forms for the orderly administration of and compliance with this article. Regulations shall also be established which are necessary for implementation of the process for appeal pursuant to subdivision two of section five hundred nine-d of this article.


Provide each motor carrier with notice whenever one of the drivers of such motor carrier has received revocation or suspension of a driver’s license, learner’s permit or privilege to operate.


Provide a motor carrier who has complied with the requirements of subdivision four of section five hundred nine-i of this article with information on any employee of the motor carrier regarding a conviction for a violation of this chapter.


Upon receipt of the criminal history record report of a school bus driver, notify the motor carrier of disqualification of an applicant or school bus driver which would or could disqualify such driver under the provisions of section five hundred nine-cc of this article. Notification to the carrier shall be without specification of the grounds for disqualification, those grounds to be made available only to the school bus driver or his or her representative.


In order to effectuate the provisions of this article, establish procedures, by regulation, to conduct curbside verification of bus driver and motor carrier identity to determine whether or not such motor carrier has notified the commissioner of the bus driver’s employment as required by subdivision four of section five hundred nine-d of this article and whether or not such motor carrier has compiled with the provisions of this article and with any regulations promulgated thereunder; provided, however, such verifications shall be conducted so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic or endanger public safety.


The commissioner shall prepare and distribute a form for the provision of objective data concerning the driving history of a bus driver who is subject to regulation under this article. Such form shall be completed by current or former employers of such bus drivers upon the request of a prospective or subsequent employer.

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