New York State Finance Law
Sec. § 203
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses of Persons Attending Interviews for Appointment in State Service

§ 203. Reimbursement of travel expenses of persons attending interviews for appointment in state service.


The appointing authority of a department or agency of the state, subject to the regulations hereinafter mentioned and to the extent that appropriations are available therefor, may reimburse persons for travel expenses incurred in travel necessary to attend interviews conducted by such department or agency for appointment to positions in the service of the state for which there exists in New York state a shortage of qualified candidates. Positions in the competitive class for which there are shortages of qualified candidates shall be determined by the state department of civil service; for positions outside the competitive class such determination shall be made by the head of the department or agency in which the positions are authorized. The comptroller shall adopt and may from time to time amend regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this section. Such regulations may limit reimbursement hereunder to travel expenses incurred in travel in excess of a prescribed minimum distance, or may otherwise limit the amount of such expenses for which any person may be reimbursed.


The reimbursement of travel expenses to a person attending an interview conducted by a department or agency of the state shall be made from monies appropriated and available to such department or agency for travel expenses. Travel expenses shall be payable after audit and upon the warrant of the comptroller in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
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