N.Y. Railroad Law Section 176
Extension of route over rivers

  • terminus in other counties
  • when property owners withhold consent
  • supreme court may appoint commissioners

Any street railroad in operation in this state, which shall, by a two-thirds vote of its directors, decide to extend the route of its road, so as to cross a river over and by any bridge now or hereafter constructed under the provisions of any law of this state, may so extend its route over and across such bridge upon such terms as may be mutually agreed upon between it and such bridge company, and may locate the terminus of its road in the county adjoining the one in which its road is now located and in operation, upon first obtaining the consent of such bridge company or its lessees, and the consent of the owners of one-half in value of the property bounded on, and the consent also of the local authorities having the control of that portion of a street or highway upon which it is proposed to construct or operate such railroad, or in case the consent of such property owners can not be obtained the appellate division of the supreme court in the district in which it is proposed to be constructed may, upon application, appoint three commissioners, who shall determine after a hearing of all parties interested, whether such railroad ought to be constructed, or operated, and their determination, confirmed by the court, may be taken in lieu of the consent of the property owners. Whenever a terminus of any public viaduct, bridge or bridges, or public viaduct connected with any bridge or bridges, heretofore or hereafter constructed in and owned and maintained by any city having a population of three hundred thousand or more, or by any town adjoining the same, is or shall be located at or adjacent to or within one-half mile of the route of any existing street surface railroad, the corporation owning or operating such railroad may, irrespective of any provisions otherwise applicable thereto contained in any general or local act, upon obtaining the consent of the local authorities and property owners as above provided, and upon complying with the provisions of this chapter applicable thereto, extend its road or route and construct and operate its railroad, to, upon and across such viaduct, bridge or bridges and approaches thereto for the purpose of connecting with another railroad route not more than one-half mile distant from such bridge or viaduct so as to afford a continuous ride for one fare, subject to the provisions of this chapter, or for the purpose of reaching the depot, station or terminus of another railroad not more than one-half mile distant from such bridge or viaduct. This section shall not apply to any bridge over the Hudson or East rivers in the counties of New York and Kings, nor to any bridge or viaduct constructed under the provisions of any so-called grade crossing law.

Source: Section 176 — Extension of route over rivers; terminus in other counties; when property owners withhold consent; supreme court may appoint commissioners, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/RRD/176 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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