New York Racing, Pari-mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law
Sec. § 1353
Determination of Tax Liability

The commission may perform audits of the books and records of a gaming facility licensee, at such times and intervals as it deems appropriate, for the purpose of determining the sufficiency of tax or fee payments. If a return or deposit required with regard to obligations imposed is not filed or paid, or if a return or deposit when filed or paid is determined by the commission to be incorrect or insufficient with or without an audit, the amount of tax, fee or deposit due shall be determined by the commission. Notice of such determination shall be given to the licensee liable for the payment of the tax or fee or deposit. Such determination shall finally and irrevocably fix the tax or fee unless the person against whom it is assessed, within thirty days after receiving notice of such determination, shall apply to the commission for a hearing in accordance with the regulations of the commission.
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