N.Y. Public Health Law Section 504

  • scientific tests on living animals
  • rules
  • approval


The commissioner is authorized to designate approved laboratories or institutions wherein properly conducted scientific tests, experiments or investigations, involving the use of living animals, may be performed or conducted.


(a) The commissioner shall promulgate rules under which such approvals shall be granted, and shall cause such rules to be published, and copies thereof shall be conspicuously posted in each such laboratory or institution.


Such rules of the commissioner shall include requirements that all animals shall be kindly and humanely treated, properly fed and suitably housed, and that commensurate with experimental needs and with the physiologic function under study, all tests, experiments and investigations involving pain shall be performed under adequate anesthesia.


The commissioner or his duly authorized representative shall inspect such laboratories or institutions to insure compliance with the rules and standards promulgated by him.


(a) The approval of a laboratory or institution by the commissioner for the purposes herein set forth shall be limited to a period not exceeding one year but may be renewed from year to year upon proper application to the commissioner.


Each such approval may be revoked at any time for failure to comply with the rules promulgated by the commissioner.


The performance of animal experimentation without approval by the commissioner as herein provided shall constitute a misdemeanor.

Source: Section 504 — Laboratories; scientific tests on living animals; rules; approval, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/PBH/504 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Dec. 9, 2023).

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