N.Y. Public Authorities Law Section 576

As used or referred to in this title, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:


The term “authority” shall mean the corporation created by § 577 (Thousand Islands Bridge Authority)section five hundred seventy-seven of this chapter;


The term “supervisors” shall mean the Jefferson county board of supervisors;


The term “bridge complex” shall mean all bridges which, together with their approaches and connecting roads, form a crossing from one particular area in the United States across the St. Lawrence river to a particular area in Canada, and shall include such approaches and roads as well as all buildings, facilities and other improvements which are necessary or incidental to the operation and maintenance of such bridges, approaches and roads or which serve the traffic over such bridges;


The term “bonds” shall mean bonds issued by the authority pursuant to this title;


The term “board” shall mean the members of the authority;


The term “treasurer” shall mean the treasurer of the authority;


The term “county” shall mean the county of Jefferson;


The term “state” shall mean the state of New York;


The term “comptroller” shall mean the comptroller of the state;


The term “revenues” shall mean all moneys received by or due to the authority from tolls, rentals, user fees, charges or other payments derived from the operation of the properties or facilities of the authority, as well as interest earned on deposits or securities, and other income of the authority, from whatever source it may emanate, but shall not include gifts, grants, or the principal of any loan, or the proceeds of any bond issue;


The term “political subdivision” shall mean any city, town, front, village, riding, municipality, water district, fire district, fire protection district, school district, improvement district, commission, bureau, division, agency, instrumentality, public corporation, public benefit corporation, board or department of the governmental body indicated, whether the same be in the United States or in Canada;


The term “real property” shall mean lands, structures, improvements to land, franchises and interests in land, waters, lands under water, riparian rights, space rights, air rights, and any and all other things and rights usually included within said term and includes not only fees simple and absolute but also any and all lesser interests, including but not limited to appurtenances thereto, easements, rights of way, uses, leases, leaseholds, licenses and all other incorporeal hereditaments and every estate, interest or right, legal or equitable, including terms for years and liens thereon by way of judgments, mortgages or otherwise, and also claims for damage to real property;


The term “properties” shall mean all the real property of the authority and all tangible and intangible personal property thereof of every kind, including but not limited to vehicles, equipment, plants, works, franchises, and contract rights;


The term “facilities” shall mean any of the properties of the authority or any other real property or personal property controlled or operated by the authority which is used or intended to be used in the furtherance of any of its corporate purposes;


The term “indebtedness” shall mean any obligation for the payment of a fixed or determinable amount of money, enforceable by an action at law, including but not limited to bonds, bond anticipation notes, notes, contractual obligations, rentals owed as lessee, and other financial liabilities.

Source: Section 576 — Definitions, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/PBA/576 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Jun. 22, 2024).

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