N.Y. Public Authorities Law Section 1180
Sewer rents

Upon the filing with the common council of the city and the secretary of state of the state of New York of the certificate of completion of the project, as provided in section fourteen hundred four of this chapter, the authority is authorized to establish a schedule of rates, rentals or charges, to be called “sewer rents,” to be collected from all real property served by its facilities, except that no ad valorem sewer rent shall be assessed against real property exempt from real property taxes pursuant to subdivision one of section four hundred, sections four hundred four, four hundred six, four hundred twelve, four hundred eighteen, subdivision one of section four hundred twenty, sections four hundred forty-six, four hundred fifty-two, four hundred sixty-two and four hundred seventy-seven of the real property tax law, and to prescribe the manner in which and the time at which such sewer rents are to be paid, and to change such schedule from time to time as may be deemed advisable. Such sewer rents may be based upon either the consumption of water on premises connected with such facilities, making due allowances for commercial use of water, the number and kind of plumbing fixtures connected with such facilities, or the number of persons served by such facilities, or may be determined by the authority on any other equitable basis. Prior to the final adoption or modification of such schedule of sewer rents, the authority shall adopt a proposed schedule of such sewer rents and publish notice thereof once a week for three successive weeks in the official publication of the city. The notice so published shall be dated as of the date of first publication thereof and shall state that the proposed schedule of sewer rents will remain open for inspection in the office of the authority for thirty days from the date of such notice, and that objections thereto may be filed during said period with the authority by any person conceiving himself aggrieved thereby. The authority shall hear and examine any such complaints and may modify the proposed schedule and shall adopt a final schedule of sewer rents within sixty days after the date of said notice. Such schedule shall be uniform for all property falling within the same classification. The schedule of sewer rents so adopted shall thereafter be the sewer rents to be charged all real property served by the facilities of the authority. From and after the due date thereof, such sewer rents shall constitute a lien upon the real property served by the facilities. Such lien shall have the same priority and superiority as the lien of the general tax of the city. In the event that any such sewer rent shall remain unpaid for a period of ninety days, the authority may bring and maintain an action in the supreme court for the foreclosure of such lien, and, except as otherwise provided by this title, such lien shall be foreclosed in the same manner by the authority as the lien of the general tax of the city may be foreclosed by the city.

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