New York Indian Law
Sec. § 111
Conduct of Elections

The clerk of the tribe shall provide a sufficient number of ballot-boxes so that there shall be a separate ballot-box for each officer to be elected, the expense for which shall be paid from the moneys due to the tribe from the state. The county attorney or the sheriff of Franklin county and the members of the council who are not then candidates for election shall preside at the election, receive the ballots presented by the voters and deposit them in the respective ballot-boxes. Such council members and county attorney or sheriff shall each be entitled to receive for such services the sum of twenty dollars per day for each day during which they are actually employed with such duties, to be paid out of the moneys due such tribe from the state. The polls of such election shall be open between the hours of nine o’clock in the morning and five o’clock in the afternoon. A voter voting at such election must, if challenged, before depositing his ballot, solemnly swear that he is at least eighteen years of age, that he resides on the American side of the line dividing the United States from Canada and that he is entitled to draw a share of the yearly annuity moneys, which oath shall be administered by the clerk of the tribe.
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