N.Y. Environmental Conservation Law Section 49-0205
Comprehensive inventory of lands having statewide or regional significance


In order to help provide a basis for a strategy for the preservation of land resources in the state and the preparation of the state land acquisition plan, the department and the office shall prepare a comprehensive inventory of protected and unprotected resources having statewide or regional environmental, historic, cultural or recreational significance. Such inventory shall include the following:


open space, forest land and park land owned by federal, state and local governmental entities including lands containing old-growth forest dedicated to the state nature and historical preserve pursuant to article 45 (State Nature and Historical Preserve Trust)article forty-five of this chapter;


forest land in private ownership under the terms of Real Property Tax Law § 480-A (Taxation of forest land)section four hundred eighty-a of the real property tax law;


wetlands protected by articles twenty-four and twenty-five of this chapter;


agricultural areas, including agricultural districts created pursuant to article twenty-five-AA of the agriculture and markets law as recommended by the commissioner of agriculture and markets;


water resources, including wild, scenic and recreational rivers, streams and aquifer recharge areas protected by article 15 (Water Resources)article fifteen of this chapter;


marine and other coastal resources, including coastal erosion hazard areas protected by article 34 (Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas)article thirty-four of this chapter;


open space lands, forest lands and park lands dedicated by other than governmental entities to ecological, wildlife management, forest management or recreational purposes; and


lands which possess statewide or regional significance for historic, cultural, ecological, open space, outdoor recreation, resource protection or wildlife management purposes, including the purpose of restoring extirpated species, and preserving old-growth forests.


Such inventory, in such segments and such form as may be readily available at any given time, shall be available to the regional land acquisition advisory committees and other members of the public.

Source: Section 49-0205 — Comprehensive inventory of lands having statewide or regional significance, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/ENV/49-0205 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Dec. 2, 2023).

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