N.Y. Education Law Section 8852
Requirements for licensure as a pathologists’ assistant

To qualify for licensure as a “licensed pathologists’ assistant”, an applicant shall fulfill the following requirements:


Application: file an application with the department;


Education: receive an education, including a bachelor’s or higher degree in pathologists’ assistant, granted on the basis of completion of a program of pathologists’ assistant registered with the department or the substantial equivalent thereof, in accordance with the commissioner’s regulations;


Examination: obtain a passing score on an examination acceptable to the department;


Age: at the time of application be at least twenty-one years of age;


Character: be of good moral character as determined by the department; and


Fee: pay a fee determined by the department for an initial license and for each triennial registration period.

Source: Section 8852 — Requirements for licensure as a pathologists' assistant, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/EDN/8852 (updated Jul. 6, 2018; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

Nov. 25, 2023

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Jul. 6, 2018

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