N.Y. Education Law Section 2142
Duties of supervisors

It is the duty of every supervisor:


To sue for and recover, in the name of his office, when the duty is not elsewhere imposed by law, all penalties and forfeitures imposed by this chapter, and for any default or omission of any town officer or school district board or officer under this chapter; and after deducting his costs and expenses to report the balances to the district superintendent.


To act, when legally required, in the erection or alteration of a school district, as provided in article 31 (School Districts)article thirty-one of this chapter, and to perform any other duty which may be devolved upon him by this chapter, or any other law relating to public schools.


To take and hold possession of the gospel and school lots of his town.


To lease the same for such time not exceeding twenty-one years, and upon such conditions as he shall deem expedient.


To sell the same with the advice and consent of the town board or, if the town board shall so direct, with the advice and consent of the inhabitants of the town, at a town election, for such price and upon such terms of credit as shall appear to him most advantageous.


To invest the proceeds of such sales in loans, secured by bond and mortgage upon unincumbered real property of the value of double the amount loaned.


To purchase the property so mortgaged upon a foreclosure, and to hold and convey, pursuant to the provisions of this section, the property so purchased whenever it shall become necessary.


To re-loan the amount of such loans repaid to him, upon the like security.


To apply the rents and profits of such lots, and the interest of the money arising from the sale thereof, to the support of schools, as may be provided by law, in such manner as shall be thus provided.


To render a just and true account of the proceeds of the sales and the interest on the loans thereof, and of the rents and profits of such gospel and school lots, and of the expenditure and appropriation thereof, on the last Tuesday next preceding the biennial town election, to the town board.


To deliver over to his successor in office, all books, papers and securities relating to the same, at the expiration of his term of office.


To take therefor a receipt, which shall be filed in the clerk’s office of the town.


To commence and prosecute in and by the name and style of the supervisor of the town any suits against any of his predecessors in office or against any other person to recover any debt, dues or demands, in anywise arising from such public lot; and no such suit shall abate by the death, resignation or removal from office of the said supervisor but the same shall and may be prosecuted to judgment and execution by his successor in office.

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