N.Y. County Law Section 396-C
Head of clinic

  • powers and duties

The head of such clinic shall be a physician licensed by this state and be subject to the approval of the local legislative body:


Shall equip the clinic with all necessary furniture, appliances, fixtures and other needed facilities for the care and treatment of patients and for the use of officers and employees thereof.


Shall have general supervision and control of the records, accounts, and buildings of the clinic and all internal affairs.


Shall appoint such other physicians, dentists, nurses, technicians and other resident officers and employees as are authorized by the local legislative body for the efficient performance of the business of the clinic.


Shall cause proper accounts and records of the business and operation of the clinic to be kept regularly from day to day, in books and on records provided for that purpose; and see that such accounts and records are correctly made up for the annual report to the local legislative body.


Shall receive into the clinic all persons who are eligible to receive medical assistance pursuant to the provisions of Social Services Law § 366 (Eligibility)section three hundred sixty-six of the social services law and to provide such care, services and supplies which are necessary. Provided, however, that no person shall be received in such clinic without the prior authorization of the social services official responsible for such person’s care.


Shall cause a careful examination to be made of the physical condition of all persons admitted to the clinic and provide for the treatment of each such patient according to his need; and shall cause a record to be kept of the condition of each patient when treated, and from time to time thereafter.


Shall discharge from said clinic any patient who for any reason is no longer eligible for treatment therein.


Shall collect and receive all moneys due the clinic, keep an accurate account of the same, and transmit the same to the treasurer of the county monthly on or before the tenth day of the month.


Shall before entering upon the discharge of his duties, give a bond in such sum as the local legislative body may determine, to secure the faithful performance of such duties.

Source: Section 396-C — Head of clinic; powers and duties, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/CNT/396-C (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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