New York Banking Law

Sec. § 224-A
Change of Location of Branches or Trust Offices by Out-of-state State Banks or Out-of-state State-chartered Trust Companies

§ 224-a. Change of location of branches or trust offices by out-of-state state banks or out-of-state state-chartered trust companies. An application for approval containing such information as the superintendent deems necessary shall be submitted by an out-of-state state bank or an out-of-state state-chartered trust company prior to the relocation of a branch or trust office in this state. At the time of making such application, an investigation fee as prescribed pursuant to section eighteen-a of this chapter shall be paid to the superintendent for each branch or trust office for which approval is sought. If the superintendent shall be satisfied that such relocation may be permitted under the terms of this chapter and that there is no reasonable objection to such change, he or she shall approve such application.

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