New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law

Sec. § 14.06
Sculpture; Written Records


Any foundry or person in this state producing one or more sculptures for any person subsequent to the effective date of this article shall prepare, and maintain for a period of not less than twenty-five years from the date of such production, records that shall contain all of the information required to be provided pursuant to subdivisions one and two of section 15.10 of this chapter. Such records shall be open for inspection by the attorney general during ordinary business hours upon notice of no less than three business days.


A duplicate of the written instrument provided to a purchaser by an art merchant or art merchant’s agent supplying information pursuant to article fifteen of this chapter shall be retained by such art merchant and the art merchant’s agent for a period of not less than ten years from the date of sale of the work, and shall be similarly considered a certificate of authenticity subject to the provisions of section 13.03 of this chapter.

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