New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 550
Application of Provisions of Other Laws and of Documents

§ 550. Application of provisions of other laws and of documents. Wherever the terms department of agriculture, department of farms and markets, department of foods and markets, department of weights and measures, department of health, commissioner of agriculture, commissioner of farms and markets, commissioner of foods and markets, state superintendent of weights and measures, or state commissioner of health, shall occur in any law, contract or document, such terms shall be deemed to mean and refer to the department of agriculture and markets and the commissioner of agriculture and markets respectively, so far as such law, contract or document pertains to matters which are within the jurisdiction of such department under the provisions of this chapter. Whenever, by the education law or other statute, the commissioner of agriculture is made a member by virtue of his office of the board of managers or trustees or other governing body of a state institution, the term commissioner of agriculture shall be deemed to mean the commissioner of agriculture and markets.

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