New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 247
Power of Commissioner to Investigate

The commissioner and his or her authorized representatives shall have access to and may enter at all reasonable hours all places where farm products are being held, packaged, processed or stored, or where such farm products are being bought, sold or handled, and shall have access to the books, papers, records and documents relating to transactions involving farm products, and shall have the power to inspect and copy the same, and may take testimony under oath concerning any matter related to the administration and enforcement of this article. Any information relating to the business disclosed by such investigation shall be held by the commissioner as confidential except that such information may be disclosed in the administration and enforcement of this article. In the event any person refuses the commissioner or his or her authorized representatives access to any premises, the commissioner may apply to the state supreme court for an administrative inspection warrant which shall be granted upon a showing by the commissioner that the premises sought to be inspected are or may be utilized by such person to conduct any activity subject to regulation under this article.

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