New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 184
Condemnation, Seizure or Repair of False Devices


Whenever any weights and measures official inspects any weighing or measuring device or system and finds that it does not correspond with the standards in his possession or does not meet the specifications, tolerances and variations allowable as established by the commissioner, he shall condemn the same and either seize it or order it repaired or removed. In the case of seizure, such device or system may be disposed of only as directed by the commissioner or his authorized agent.


No person shall use or attempt to use, for the purpose of determining the weight, quantity or price of any commodity sold, or offered or exposed for sale, any weighing or measuring device or system to which there has been affixed or upon which there has been placed any condemnation tag unless such condemnation tag has been removed therefrom by a weights and measures official.


No person, except a weights and measures official, shall remove from any weighing or measuring device or system any condemnation tag which has been affixed thereto or placed thereon or obliterate, cover, obstruct or deface the same or cause any of the foregoing.

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