New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 163
Prevention of Introduction of Injurious Insects, Noxious Weeds, and Plant Diseases

§ 163. Prevention of introduction of injurious insects, noxious weeds, and plant diseases.


The commissioner shall take such action as he may deem necessary to prevent the introduction into this state of injurious insects, noxious weeds, and plant diseases, provided that he shall consult with the commissioner of environmental conservation prior to the commencement of any action to eradicate noxious weeds.


All nursery stock shipped into this state shall bear or carry on the container thereof an unexpired certificate, or copy thereof, to the effect that (a) the contents of such container have been inspected by a duly authorized official and that the contents appear to be free from all injurious insects or plant diseases, or


that the nursery stock of the grower of such contents had been examined by a duly authorized official and had been found to be apparently free from all injurious insects or plant diseases. Such certificate shall be the certificate of the chief horticultural inspector, by whatever name known, of the country, province or state in which such shipment originated. There shall be shown in the certificate or by a separate tag attached thereto the name and address of the consignor or shipper, the name and address of the consignee or person to whom the nursery stock is shipped, and the general nature of the contents together with labels upon each variety of nursery stock declaring the name thereof and a statement by the consignor or shipper that such nursery stock is in a live and vigorous condition.


Any person within the state receiving nursery stock from without the state not accompanied by the certificate described in subdivision two of this section, shall immediately notify the commissioner of the receipt of such nursery stock and shall not unpack the same unless permitted by the commissioner so to do, and shall not allow such nursery stock to leave his possession until it has been inspected and released by the commissioner.


It shall be unlawful for any person to offer for sale or to sell dead nursery stock.

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