New York Social Services Law
Sec. § 483-BB
Services for Victims of Human Trafficking


The office of temporary and disability assistance may coordinate with and assist law enforcement agencies and district attorney’s offices to access appropriate services for human trafficking victims.


In providing such assistance, the office of temporary and disability assistance may enter into contracts with non-government organizations for providing services to pre-certified victims of human trafficking as defined in subdivision (b) of section four hundred eighty-three-aa of this article, insofar as funds are available for that purpose. Such services may include, but are not limited to, case management, emergency temporary housing, health care, mental health counseling, drug addiction screening and treatment, language interpretation and translation services, English language instruction, job training and placement assistance, post-employment services for job retention, and services to assist the individual and any of his or her family members to establish a permanent residence in New York state or the United States. Nothing in this section shall preclude the office of temporary and disability assistance, or any local social services district, from providing human trafficking victims who are United States citizens or human trafficking victims who meet the criteria pursuant to section one hundred twenty-two of this chapter with any benefits or services for which they otherwise may be eligible.


An individual who is a victim of the conduct prohibited by section 230.33, 230.34, 135.35 or 135.37 of the penal law may bring a civil action against the perpetrator or whoever knowingly advances or profits from, or whoever should have known he or she was advancing or profiting from, an act in violation of section 230.33, 230.34, 135.35 or 135.37 of the penal law to recover damages and reasonable attorney’s fees.
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