N.Y. Second Class Cities Law Section 156
Duties of superintendent

In addition to the duties of the superintendent of buildings prescribed herein, or otherwise by law, the common council shall by ordinance prescribe his duties, and he shall have such power and authority in regard to the supervision and inspection of the erection, construction or alteration of buildings and other structures as shall be conferred by ordinance, not inconsistent with the other laws of the state. The common council shall also have power to establish by ordinance, and from time to time amend, a “building code, ” providing for all matters concerning, affecting or relating to the construction, alteration, repair or removal of buildings and structures heretofore or hereafter erected; but no ordinance amending, repealing or modifying such building code or any provision thereof shall be passed by the common council until notice shall have been published for at least ten days in the official paper or papers of the city that on a day stated in such notice, the common council will consider the adoption of a proposed ordinance amending, repealing or modifying the building code, or a part thereof, generally or in respect of a specified subject, and that a copy of such proposed ordinance is on file in the office of the city clerk.

Source: Section 156 — Duties of superintendent, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/SCC/156 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Jul. 13, 2024).

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