N.Y. Public Housing Law Section 219-D
Additional powers of certain cities

A city having more than one million inhabitants shall have the following powers in addition to the other powers granted by this chapter:


Undertake one or more emergency projects and for that purpose such city shall have the rights, powers and privileges and shall be subject to the duties and obligations granted to or imposed upon authorities with respect to such projects by the provisions of this article.


Such city shall have the power to designate or appoint an authority as its agent to acquire, construct, lease, manage, operate or dispose of, in the name of the authority or in the name of the city, one or more emergency projects. When acting as the agent of a city, either in its own name or in the name of the city, an authority shall be governed by the provisions of this article and of such other laws, not inconsistent with this article, as govern the conduct of authorities, and shall not be governed by the laws, local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations governing the conduct of cities.


A city may render and provide or contract to render and provide services and facilities in connection with an emergency project in accordance with the provisions of § 99 (Municipal services)section ninety-nine of this chapter.


To effectuate any of the purposes of this article such city may:


incur indebtedness;


issue and sell its bonds for periods not exceeding the probable life of the project for which they are issued;


issue refunding bonds for the purpose of paying or retiring bonds previously issued by it for emergency projects but no such refunding bonds shall have a maturity date later than the end of the probable life of the emergency project for which they are issued;


make or contract to make loans to an authority operating within the territorial limits of such city;


make or contract to make to such authority capital subsidies or periodic subsidies for a period not exceeding the probable life of the project;


guarantee the principal of and interest on, or only the interest on, indebtedness contracted by such authority;


and, unless otherwise expressly limited by this article, exercise all the powers, rights and privileges granted to municipalities by this chapter. The probable life of an emergency project undertaken by such city is hereby determined to be ten years.


Such city may at any time and without regard to any restrictions, procedures or time limitations contained in its charter or in other laws, local laws, rules or ordinances governing the appropriation of its funds, appropriate for the purposes of this article, from its general fund or from such other funds as are available for the current expenses of such city, such sums as it may deem necessary and feasible to effectuate the purposes of this article; provided that such city shall, at least two days prior to the meeting of the local legislative body at which any appropriation made hereunder is acted upon, cause to be published in the official publication of such city a notice that such appropriation will be made, and shall, within twenty days after such meeting, cause to be similarly published a notice that such appropriation has been made.


Such city may enter into contracts for the demolition, excavation, construction, alteration, and renovation of, or for the purchase of materials and supplies for, an emergency project without regard to the requirements for advertising of or invitation for bids or for the making of awards contained in any general, special or local law, charter, ordinance, rule or regulation.


When an authority acts as agent or lessee for a city in the acquisition, construction, management, operation or disposition of an emergency project, the city shall have the power to indemnify or contract to indemnify such authority against any deficit, loss or liability arising therefrom.


Notwithstanding the provisions of any general, special or local law, any contract made, indebtedness incurred, appropriation made, or action taken by a city, provided there is compliance with the provisions of this article, shall be sufficiently and finally authorized if it is approved by the local legislative body of the city.

Source: Section 219-D — Additional powers of certain cities, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/PBG/219-D (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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