N.Y. Public Health Law Section 4702

For the purposes of this article, the following terms shall have the following meanings:


“Program” shall mean the New York state program of medical assistance for needy persons, as provided in title XI of article five of the social services law.


“Shared health facility” or “facility” means any arrangement wherein four or more practitioners licensed under the provisions of article one hundred thirty-one, one hundred thirty-one-a, one hundred thirty-two, one hundred thirty-three, one hundred thirty-seven, one hundred thirty-nine, one hundred forty-one, one hundred forty-three, one hundred forty-four, one hundred fifty-six or one hundred fifty-nine of the education law, one or more of whom receives payment under the program and whose total aggregate monthly remuneration from such program is in excess of five thousand dollars for any one month during the preceding twelve months, (a) practice their professions at a common physical location; and


share (i) common waiting areas, examining rooms, treatment rooms or other space, or


the services of supporting staff, or


equipment; and


a person, whether such person is a practitioner or not, is in charge of, controls, manages or supervises substantial aspects of the arrangement or operation for the delivery of health or medical services at said common physical location, other than the direct furnishing of professional services by the practitioners to their patients, or a person makes available to the practitioners the services of supporting staff who are not employees of the practitioners. “Shared health facility” does not mean or include practitioners practicing their profession as a partnership provided that members of the supporting staff are employees of such legal entity and if there is an office manager, or person with similar title, he is an employee of the legal entity whose compensation is customary and not excessive for such services and there is no person described in paragraph (c) of this subdivision. “Shared health facility” does not mean or include any entity organized pursuant to the provisions of article 28 (Hospitals)article twenty-eight of this chapter or operating under a certificate issued pursuant to the provisions of article thirteen of the mental hygiene law; nor shall it mean or include a facility wherein ambulatory medical services are provided by an organized group of physicians pursuant to an arrangement between such group and a health services corporation operating under article forty-three of the insurance law or a health maintenance organization operating under article forty-four of the public health law, and where the health services corporation or the health maintenance organization is reimbursed on a prepaid capitation basis for the provision of health care services under New York state’s medical assistance program.


“Provider” shall mean any qualified physicians, dentists, nurses, optometrists, and other related professional personnel participating in the program.


“Purveyor” shall mean any person, who, whether or not located in a building which houses a shared health facility, directly or indirectly, engages in the business of supplying to patients any medical supplies, equipment or services for which reimbursement under the program is received, including, but not limited to, clinical laboratory services or supplies; x-ray laboratory services or supplies; inhalation therapy services or equipment; ambulance services; sick room supplies; physical therapy services or equipment; orthopedic or surgical appliances or supplies; drugs, medication or medical supplies; eyeglasses, lenses, or other optical supplies or equipment; hearing aids or devices; and any other goods, services, supplies, equipment or procedures prescribed, ordered, recommended or suggested for medical diagnosis, care or treatment.


“Patient” shall mean anyone eligible to receive benefits under the provisions of the program.

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