N.Y. Multiple Dwelling Law Section 80


The owner shall keep all and every part of a multiple dwelling, the lot on which it is situated, and the roofs, yards, courts, passages, areas or alleys appurtenant thereto, clean and free from vermin, dirt, filth, garbage or other thing or matter dangerous to life or health.


The owner of every multiple dwelling or part thereof shall thoroughly cleanse and keep clean at all times, to the satisfaction of the department, every public or service part thereof, including every room, passage, stair, floor, window, door, wall, ceiling, water-closet or toilet compartment, cesspool, drain, hall and cellar in such public or service part.


All carpets and rugs which are permitted in any public part of a multiple dwelling shall be taken up and cleaned by the owner at least once a year or as much oftener as the department shall deem necessary.


The interior surfaces of walls throughout every part of every multiple dwelling, whether in public or in tenant-occupied parts, shall be painted or papered and the ceilings kalsomined or painted by the owner. The walls and ceilings shall be rekalsomined, repapered or repainted by the owner whenever necessary to keep the said surfaces in a sanitary condition. No wall paper shall be placed upon such a wall or ceiling surface unless all existing wall paper shall be first removed therefrom and such wall or ceiling thoroughly cleaned and repaired.


Any tenant shall be punishable as provided in section three hundred four for the existence of conditions in violation of the provisions of this chapter within his apartment to the extent that such conditions are caused by him, by members of his family or by his guests, and are under his control; but this provision shall not be construed to relieve the owner of any liability or duty under this section, except where a violation is caused and continued solely by the tenant or those under his control.


Every dwelling erected after January first, nineteen hundred forty-seven, shall be so constructed as to be rat-proof. The agency of a city authorized by law to make rules supplemental to laws regulating construction, maintenance, use and area of buildings shall have the power to make rules and regulations to supplement the requirements of this subdivision.

Source: Section 80 — Cleanliness, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/MDW/80 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Dec. 2, 2023).

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