New York Environmental Conservation Law
Sec. § 71-1303
Subpoenas, Testimony and Enforcement Thereof

§ 71-1303. Subpoenas, testimony and enforcement thereof.


To aid in the administration of article 23, the commissioner or any person designated by him may issue subpoenas in his name requiring the attendance and giving of testimony by witnesses and the production of books, papers and other evidence for any hearing, proceeding or investigation conducted or to be conducted by or before the department. Service of such a subpoena, enforcement of obedience thereto, and punishment for disobedience thereof shall be had as and in the manner provided by the civil practice law and rules relating to enforcement of any subpoena issued by a board or committee except that in the case of hearings, proceedings or investigations before or conducted by the department neither the holder of a permit or lease issued pursuant to article 23, nor an employee of such permit holder or lessee, nor an officer or stockholder in a permittee or lessee corporation, when required to attend as a witness, shall be entitled to any subpoena fee or mileage. Any member of the department or any person who may be designated hereunder by the department to hold hearings may administer oaths to witnesses. The department also may provide for the taking of depositions of witnesses for the purpose of any such hearing. In such case such officer, employee or other person may administer oaths to the witnesses whose depositions are to be taken. Each deposition shall be reduced to writing and subscribed by the deponent.


The provisions of this section shall apply only to the administration of article 23.
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