N.Y. Environmental Conservation Law Section 58-0903
Programs, plans and projects


Eligible water quality improvement project costs include, but are not limited to:


costs associated with grants to municipalities for projects that reduce or control storm water runoff, using green infrastructure where practicable;


costs associated with projects that reduce agricultural nutrient runoff and promote soil health such as projects which implement comprehensive nutrient management plans, other agricultural nutrient management projects, and non-point source abatement and control programs including projects developed pursuant to sections eleven-a and eleven-b of the soil and water conservation districts;


costs associated with projects that address harmful algal blooms such as abatement projects and projects focused on addressing nutrient reduction in freshwater and marine waters, wastewater infrastructure systems that treat nitrogen and phosphorus, and lake treatment systems;


costs associated with wastewater infrastructure projects including but not limited to extending or establishing sewer lines to replace failing septic systems or cesspools and projects as provided by Public Authorities Law § 1285-U (Septic system replacement fund)section twelve hundred eighty-five-u of the public authorities law;


costs associated with projects to reduce, avoid or eliminate point and non-point source discharges to water including projects authorized by the New York state water improvement infrastructure act of 2017 and Public Authorities Law § 1285-S (New York state intermunicipal water infrastructure grants program)section twelve hundred eighty-five-s of the public authorities law;


costs associated with the establishment of riparian buffers to provide distance between farm fields and streams or abate erosion during high flow events; and


costs associated with lead service line replacement pursuant to Public Health Law § 1114 (Lead service line replacement grant program)section eleven hundred fourteen of the public health law.


The department and the New York state environmental facilities corporation are authorized to provide state assistance payments or grants to municipalities for projects authorized pursuant to paragraphs a, b, and d of subdivision one of this section.


The department of agriculture and markets shall be authorized to make state assistance payments to soil and water conservation districts for the cost of implementing agricultural environmental management plans, including purchase of equipment for measuring and monitoring soil health and soil conditions.


The department is authorized to make grants available to not-for-profits and academic institutions for paragraphs b, c, and f of subdivision one of this section, and make state assistance payments to municipalities and undertake projects pursuant to this section.


Provided that for the purposes of selecting projects for funding of this section, the relevant agencies shall develop eligibility guidelines and post information on the department’s website in the environmental notice bulletin providing for a thirty-day public comment period and upon adoption post such eligibility guidelines on the relevant agency’s website.

Source: Section 58-0903 — Programs, plans and projects, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/ENV/58-0903 (updated Aug. 18, 2023; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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