N.Y. Environmental Conservation Law Section 27-3309
Department responsibilities


The department shall (a) maintain a list of producers who are implementing or participating pursuant to § 27-3303 (Producer plan)section 27-3303 of this title, (b) maintain a list of each such producer’s brands, and


post such lists on the department’s website.


Beginning July first, two thousand twenty-six, the department shall post on its website the location of all collection sites identified to the department by the producer in its plans and annual reports.


The department shall post on its website each producer plan approved by the department.


Within ninety days after receipt of a proposed plan or plan amendment, the department shall approve or reject the plan or the plan amendment. If the plan or plan amendment is approved, the department shall notify the producer or representative organization in writing. If the department rejects the plan or plan amendment, the department shall notify the producer or representative organization in writing stating the reason for rejecting the plan or plan amendment. A producer or representative organization whose plan is rejected shall submit a revised plan to the department within thirty days of receiving a notice of rejection. If the department rejects the subsequent proposal, the producer or producers at issue shall be out of compliance and subject to enforcement provisions.


The department shall submit a report regarding the implementation of this title in this state to the governor and legislature by April first, two thousand twenty-seven and every two years thereafter. The report shall include, at a minimum, an evaluation of:


the stream of carpet in the state;


disposal, recycling and reuse rates in the state for carpet;


a discussion of compliance and enforcement related to the requirements of this title; and


recommendations for any changes to this title.


Starting four years after the plan is approved by the department pursuant to this section, the department shall impose a penalty of twenty-five cents per pound to be assessed on the producer or representative organization for the number of additional pounds of carpet that would have needed to be recycled through the program to achieve the performance goals specified in the approved stewardship plan. All penalties collected pursuant to this section shall be paid over to the commissioner for deposit to the environmental protection fund established pursuant to section ninety-two-s of the state finance law. * NB Effective December 28, 2024

Source: Section 27-3309 — Department responsibilities, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/ENV/27-3309 (updated Mar. 10, 2023; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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