New York Education Law

Sec. § 6505-B
Course Work or Training in Infection Control Practices

§ 6505-b. Course work or training in infection control practices. Every dentist, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, podiatrist, optometrist and dental hygienist practicing in the state shall, on or before July first, nineteen hundred ninety-four and every four years thereafter, complete course work or training appropriate to the professional’s practice approved by the department regarding infection control and barrier precautions, including engineering and work practice controls, in accordance with regulatory standards promulgated by the department, in consultation with the department of health, which shall be consistent, as far as appropriate, with such standards adopted by the department of health pursuant to section two hundred thirty-nine of the public health law to prevent the transmission of HIV, HBV or HCV in the course of professional practice. Each such professional shall document to the department at the time of registration commencing with the first registration after July first, nineteen hundred ninety-four that the professional has completed course work or training in accordance with this section, provided, however that a professional subject to the provisions of paragraph (f) of subdivision one of section twenty-eight hundred five-k of the public health law shall not be required to so document. The department shall provide an exemption from this requirement to anyone who requests such an exemption and who (i) clearly demonstrates to the department’s satisfaction that there would be no need for him or her to complete such course work or training because of the nature of his or her practice or (ii) that he or she has completed course work or training deemed by the department to be equivalent to the course work or training approved by the department pursuant to this section. The department shall consult with organizations representative of professions, institutions and those with expertise in infection control and HIV, HBV and HCV with respect to the regulatory standards promulgated pursuant to this section.

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