N.Y. Economic Development Law Section 181-E*2
General functions, powers and duties of the commissioner

* § 181-e. General functions, powers and duties of the commissioner.


The commissioner shall develop and implement an “I love NY beer” promotion program. The commissioner, in conjunction with the commissioner of the department of transportation and any local government official or entity, shall identify a series of breweries to be part of a brewery trail. No fewer than two brewery trails should be identified for the purposes of the program, and the commissioner shall work to ensure an adequate representation of breweries throughout New York state. In identifying specific breweries to be included on a brewery trail, special consideration shall be given to those trails, which can be geographically or thematically linked by surrounding arts, cultural, historical, entertainment or other tourism destinations or exhibits of interest to tourists. Criteria for developing and approving such trails shall include:


that the trail contain a sufficient number of breweries and micro-breweries to cost-effectively attract patrons to such trail’s participating members, (b) that the trail incorporate considerations that maximize patronage of such trail, (c) that proposed trail routes do not conflict with or significantly overlap with existing wine trails designated pursuant to Highway Law § 343-K (Portion of the state highway system to be designated as the "St)section three hundred forty-three-k of the highway law, (d) that the trail designations are neither redundant nor cover themes or subjects or have names that have already been used by trails designated in statute, (e) that the trail route is designed and laid out so that it is relatively simple and easy to follow for patrons.


The commissioner shall cause to be developed vacation itineraries based on specific brewery trails, which shall identify for visitors surrounding attractions, restaurants, farms, lodging and other exhibits or places of entertainment as may be a part of the theme linking the breweries on the brewery trail.


The commissioner shall work to develop discount packages for such brewery trails, which may include the development of a brewery passport.


Nothing shall preclude the commissioner from contracting with an independent vacation or travel package company to help develop vacation packages along a brewery trail. The commissioner of the department of transportation shall cooperate with the department in carrying out the provisions of this section. The commissioner of the department of transportation is authorized to permit the installation and maintenance of signs on the state highway system for trails designated pursuant to this section. However, to avoid confusion and to limit any possible disruption of commerce, the trail designations called for pursuant to this section shall be of a ceremonial nature and the official names of such highways shall not be changed as a result of such designations. * NB There are 2 § 181-e’s

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