N.Y. Economic Development Law Section 180-A
General functions

There is hereby created an agricultural economic development program, the purpose of which shall be to target and promote:


agricultural resources industry development in ways which are economically sustainable and environmentally sound;


public awareness and understanding of the economic, cultural and environmental importance of New York agriculture;


the development, retention, diversification and expansion of the agricultural resources industry in ways that will enhance related efforts of federal, state and local agencies, commissions, committees, associations, trade groups and manufacturers;


electronic and other information shared related to the agriculture resources industry;


the development of financing mechanisms for the establishment, retention, diversification and expansion of new and existing value added agricultural products for sale in local, national and international markets;


demonstration projects which would improve business profitability in the marketing, processing, storage or manufacture of agricultural products;


the review of any regulatory barriers which may impede the development, retention, diversification or expansion of the agricultural resources industry;


geographically balanced public input and advice from individuals and agencies directly involved with the production, processing, manufacturing and storage of agricultural products; and such other individuals and agencies as may be engaged in state and local activities in support of economic development in the agriculture resource industry;


the establishment and purposes of the New York state council on food policy established pursuant to subdivision six-a of Agriculture & Markets Law § 16 (General powers and duties of department)section sixteen of the agriculture and markets law; and


all things necessary or convenient to carry out the functions, powers and duties expressly set forth in this article.

Source: Section 180-A — General functions, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/COM/180-A (updated Dec. 2, 2022; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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