New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law
Sec. § 61.11
Fingerprinting Employees of Public Galleries, Museums, Hospitals, Medical Colleges Affiliated With Hospitals and Private Proprietary Hosp...

61.11. Fingerprinting employees of public galleries, museums, hospitals, medical colleges affiliated with hospitals and private proprietary hospitals. The trustees or board of managers of a public gallery of art or museum housing valuable objects of art, precious metals or precious stones, or the trustees or board of managers of a legally incorporated hospital, supported in whole or in part by public funds or private endowment, or the trustees or board of managers of a medical college affiliated with such a hospital or the governing body of a private proprietary hospital may, as a condition of securing employment or of continuing employment, require that all of its employees be fingerprinted. Such fingerprints shall be submitted to the division of criminal justice services for a state criminal history record check, as defined in subdivision one of section three thousand thirty-five of the education law, and may be submitted to the federal bureau of investigation for a national criminal history record check.
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