New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law

Sec. § 19.01
Fireproof Booth for Cinematograph or Any Other Apparatus for Projecting Moving Pictures

§ 19.01. Fireproof booth for cinematograph or any other apparatus for projecting moving pictures. No cinematograph or any other apparatus for projecting moving pictures, save as excepted in sections 19.05 and 19.09 of this article, which apparatus uses combustible films of more than ten inches in length, shall be set up for use or used in any building, place of public assemblage or entertainment, unless such apparatus for the projecting of moving pictures shall be inclosed therein in a booth or inclosure constructed of concrete, brick, hollow tile or other approved fireproof material or any approved fireproof framework covered or lined with asbestos board, or with some other approved fire resisting material, and unless such booth shall have been constructed as provided in section 19.03 of this article and the certificate provided in section 19.07 of this article shall have been issued to the owner or lessee of the premises wherein such booth is situated.

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