N.Y. Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Section 59-A
Cider tasting

Any person holding a retail license under this chapter shall be permitted to conduct consumer tastings of cider upon such person’s licensed premises. All such tastings shall be subject to the following limitations:


Tastings of cider shall be conducted by the licensee or an authorized agent of the licensee. Provided, however, a licensed beer or cider wholesaler shall not serve as the authorized agent for another entity, nor shall a licensed beer or cider wholesaler be involved in any manner with a cider tasting conducted by another entity.


No more than three samples of cider may be provided to a person in one calendar day.


No sample may exceed three fluid ounces.


No tasting shall be held during the hours prohibited by the provisions of § 105 (Provisions governing licensees to sell at retail for consumption off the premises)section one hundred five of this chapter.


Any liability stemming from a right of action resulting from a tasting authorized by this section and in accordance with the provisions of sections 11-100 and 11-101 of the general obligations law shall accrue to the licensee.


No person under the age of twenty-one shall be permitted to serve a sample or handle an open container of cider.

Source: Section 59-A — Cider tasting, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/ABC/59-A (updated Oct. 20, 2023; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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