New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 281
Declaration of Legislative Findings and Intent

The legislature hereby finds that inflation has caused higher prices in all phases of farm and food production and farm and food products distribution; and that the demand, by consumers within the state, for increasing supplies of wholesome, fresh and nutritious farm and food products provides a significant opportunity for the development of alternative marketing structures for food grown within the state by which such products may be supplied directly to the consuming public. In addition, increasing the supply of wholesome, fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables can help to encourage the consumption of such produce in a manner that helps to combat the increasing incidence of adult and childhood obesity. Reducing the incidence of obesity can help to improve the overall health of the general public, help to reduce the cost of providing health care and reduce the state’s costs of providing such care. The legislature finds also that encouraging direct sales from farms and other agricultural producers to consumers and other buyers can provide producers with a substantially increased income over that which is currently obtainable through the conventional wholesale marketing system. It is therefore the intent of the legislature and the purpose of this article to encourage expanded production of farm and food products through providing increased opportunities for farm and food product producers within the state to wholesale and retail their products directly to consumers on a state, regional and local basis; to encourage purchasing opportunities which will lower food costs to consumers; to increase the share of the consumer’s food dollar retained by the producers of farm and food products; to make farm and food products more readily available to residents of the state; and to encourage and facilitate the purchase and use of farm and food products produced within the state by public and private institutions and agencies.

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