New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 160-U
Manufacture, Distribution and Sale of Maple Syrup and Sugar

§ 160-u. Manufacture, distribution and sale of maple syrup and sugar.




“Maple sap” means the sap or sweet water obtained by tapping the maple tree.


“Maple syrup” means syrup made exclusively by the evaporation of pure maple sap.


“Maple sugar” means sugar made exclusively by the evaporation of pure maple syrup.


“Grade” shall mean the standards for maple syrup or maple sugar promulgated by the commissioner of agriculture and markets, as the official grades of maple syrup or maple sugar for the state of New York.


Every consumer package of maple syrup offered or exposed for sale shall be plainly marked as to the grade.


Advertising. Any person who uses roadside signs within the state or who uses publications printed or distributed within the state to advertise maple syrup and who quotes a price therein, shall specify the grade of the syrup in a plain and conspicuous manner.


The commissioner of agriculture and markets shall promulgate after public hearing, rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this statute.

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